Monday, 27 September 2010


So, this week saw us with the release of the final installment of Microsoft's "Halo" series. "Halo : Reach". Reach takes us to the year 2552, just before the start of the first Halo game; "Halo : Combat Evolved". 

I think the end of one of the best game series ever created deserves a little lookback at what started this breathtaking game series, and what brings it to a close. So, lets see how far I get before the nostalgia hits me too hard, or the frustration of not having a XBOX 360 to play Reach on :(


  1. I love halo reach man lol. Also, thanks for the compliment on my tattoo man.

  2. i feel your pain got rid of my 360

  3. Halo Reach was pretty amazing and I want Halo ODST but I don't think I'll like Halo Wars too much