Tuesday, 28 September 2010

FIFA 11 / PES 2011

This week saw us with the release of the FIFA 11 and PES 2011 demo's on PS3 and XBOX360. 
My thought at first was the 2 games were very similar to their predecessors, however there are quite a few changes which take a while to notice at first. 
Firstly, FIFA 11 has introduced a more thorough way to organise your defense, a lot better than you could in FIFA 10 anyway. 
PES 2011 also has a much better penalty taking system, as the one in PES 2010 was quite..shit. This made it much better to take spot kicks, and could be groundbreaking for online game modes when the perfection of a penalty matters so much to the player.

Overall, however, I was unimpressed with the content of the demo's. After almost 2GB each, I expected something more than 2 teams per game, Barcelona & Bayern Munich on PES and Chelsea and Barcelona on FIFA.
However, both games themselves were impressive and I can see the competition between the two becoming even stiffer as both companies try to outdo the other.

Here are Lionel Messi and David Villa's first impressions of FIFA 11

Monday, 27 September 2010

Gameplay videos - MW2, Halo Reach

Hazard Cinema

Wait...WHAT?! - Episode 3 (Modern Warfare 2)


Funnies & Fails Ep. 15 (Small FIFA 11 clip too)

Final Killcam Ep. 108 (Modern Warfare 2)


So, this week saw us with the release of the final installment of Microsoft's "Halo" series. "Halo : Reach". Reach takes us to the year 2552, just before the start of the first Halo game; "Halo : Combat Evolved". 

I think the end of one of the best game series ever created deserves a little lookback at what started this breathtaking game series, and what brings it to a close. So, lets see how far I get before the nostalgia hits me too hard, or the frustration of not having a XBOX 360 to play Reach on :(